Semi Auto Markers

   TL-X           $ 119






Raven's first marker, the Nexion! LCD modes: ball counter, count-down timer, and low battery indicator. 4 firing modes: semi-auto, 3 shot burst, 6 shot burst, and full-auto. Aluminum receiver with custom milling, vertical ball feed with adjustable port and lock-down screw, adjustable blade-style aluminum two-finger trigger with tournament legal cutlass style trigger-guard. Quick release pin, drop-forward, metal bottomline adapter, angled vertical adapter, inline regulator with gauge tournament legal velocity adjuster with lock, anti-double feed system, low pressure chamber, and more! Matte blue finish, 2-piece barrel with porting and muzzle brake. Can be used with CO2 or compressed air.


- Features
-SDE - Solenoid Direct Electro
-Color access mode display (CAMD)
-Anti chop eye with override switch
-Semi, 3 round burst, 6 round burst and full auto firing modes
-Reactive response trigger - up to 22 shots per second (semi mode only)
-Delrin bolt
-Custom milled receiver
-Custom milled double trigger
-2 piece 14" tournament grade barrel
-In line regulator with gauge
-Adjustable rate of fire
-Top cocking bolt
-Straight feed with adjustable feed port
-Custom machined drop forward
-Adjustable trigger pull
-Aluminum trigger frame with custom millwork
-Low pressure regulator
-Antil double feed
-External recharge port
-Battery power indicator
-Operates on compressed air




This is the new beast from Kingman!!!! Gun comes with a Java 9.6 volt rechargable battery and some spare parts. - Features:
Color Access Mode Display
- 2 Piece 12 Tournament Grade Barrel
- Anti-Double Feed
- In-line Expansion Chamber with Fore Grip - Matte Finish Anodizing
- Distinctive Custom Look Receiver
- Up to 14 Shots per Second
- Deluxe Drop Forward
- Adjustable Trigger Pull
Aluminum 2-Finger Trigger with Illuminated Safety - Low Pressure Chamber
- Adjustable Rate of Fire
- External Recharge Port
- Semi 3-Round Burst 6-Round Burst Full Auto Firing Modes