9oz               $ 19

12oz             $ 21

14oz             $ 23

16oz             $ 27

20oz             $ 29



Crossfire 47 3000 psi aluminum                   $ 79

The high quality Screw-In tanks by Crossfire are already set for action to screw into any standard ASA Adaptor. The Tanks are the most durable and popular tanks used! Daily we sell these great tanks, and it is a great upgrade from CO2. As you may know, CO2 is a cold gas, and Nitrogen, commonly compressed air now, is a warm gas usually at or around room temperature. This stops the wear of O-Rings having to compress and expand again and again as the gun goes from cold to warm on regular CO2 Operation. Let alone, Liquid CO2 is not as stable, and has a tendency to spike in velocity. A definate alternate to CO2 and a definate for those who want consistancy.

-3000 psi capacity
-High Pressure - Output ~ 750-800psi

Crossfire 68 3000 psi  fiberwraped               $ 169


We also carry Pure Energy Air Systems.