32* Markers

        32 Degrees Icon Bottom Line                 $ 60


  Icon Electonic Semiauto                                                                     $ 129

From the minute we opened the box we knew this gun was a winner. As if the clean design isn't enough wait until you shoot it. Even a novice player will master this trigger the first time out. Better buy an extra case of paint.

-Adjustable Dip Switch Panel
-Semi, 3 Burst, 6 Burst, and Full
Auto firing modes
-Advanced Electronic Trigger Frame
-Fore Grip with Expansion Chamber
- Up to 13 Shots/sec
- Controlled Rate of Fire
- All-in-one Custom Sight Rail with
-Low Pressure Chamber
-Quick Disconnect Pin
-Custom Vertical Feed Port
-Custom Anodizing and Milling
-All New Style Ball Detent
-Rear Velocity Adjuster w/ lock
- Comes with a full one year warranty


Rebel 02 Extreme                                             $ 109